ARMY Whipped for RM After ‘Black Swan’ Performance on Jimmy Fallon, and We Want More

Can we just appreciate that RM co-wrote ‘Black Swan’ for a moment? BTS’ first single from their highly anticipated album, Map of the Soul: 7. The song’s lyrics reveal the fear of falling out of love with your passion and becoming “burnt out.” The Black Swan video opens with a quote from late dancer Martha Graham: “A dancer dies twice—once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful.” Such beautiful words for a deep song that is haunting yet revealing at the same time. RM in Black Swan is a powerful force of nature, he always takes you to a journey whenever he hits the stage or in BTS music videos. His rap is always thought provoking and gives you some kind of puzzle that your mind will unfold as you continue listening to him. As much as he complains about his dance not being that great, RM dances with the flair of a performer and has curves that astound any one watching him. His height makes him to stand out and it is always a joy to watch his body movements as he dances to the rhythm and style of whatever song he is performing. Black Swan just brings out something menacingly beautiful yet so gripping that you fear looking into his eyes. RM is a great dancer.

Watch his powerful performance

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