A 2017 Twitter Thread Brings Into Light That Nothing Has Changed in 5 Years In Regards To The Mistreatment Of BTS’ JungKook By Some ‘fans’

“Respect. A word that seems to have disappeared or been forced to become extinct especially when it comes to idols and/or celebrities. Idols do not owe anyone any explanations as to why or what or where, there needs to be a line drawn in how far a fan can gate keep their idol/celebrity. No human is perfect, certainly and especially not celebrities. I don’t see how we need to hold them to a higher standard than the rest of humaniry and expect they will bend to our whims as fans.

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BTS’ Jung Kook Updated His Instagram Account With Another Boxing Clip With His Trainer

“BTS’ Jung Kook has shared another video clip of him boxing with his trainer Tommy. He as added two short clips that show his technique and you can see how fast he is becoming with avoiding hits and hitting back. Jung Kook’s work out is very visible as fans were able to see just how toned he is especially his abs which he teased when performing at their concert. RM also revealed that Jung Kook was on a diet and he was building muscle and had also lost a bit of weight to gain the muscle.

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Every Single Month There Are Over 112,300 Individuals Who Search “JungKook Abs” With India Ranking First

BTS’ Jung Kook “PTD” concert

“BTS have the highest number of searches on Google as compared to other celebrities worldwide. They always top the Google list for most searched celebrities while vocalist member Jung Kook has been toping the list of individual idols. According to “Semrush”, the top three countries with the most searches are India which takes the lead with 27.1k searches, followed by Phillipines with 18.1k searches and number three is the US with 12.1k searches.

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