“JIMIN VLIVE” & “Young Forever” Currently Trending Worldwide After BTS’ Jimin Promises To Be on VLive Soon, Sleep Is Overrated ARMY Decides

BTS’ Jimin

Jimin took over twitter trends after his series of Weverse posts, where he wrote that he was listening to their song “Young Forever” He also chatted with a few lucky fans who got their questions answered and Jimin also gave some advice. BTS members have had a series of VLive sessions, RM, SUGA, V, jhope and Jung Kook had been on the VLive App chatting with ARMY, the only members whom ARMY is waiting for are Jimin and Jin.

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BTS ARMYs in Kenya Holds “Be Kenyan Party” to Celebrate Spotify Landing in The Country for The First Time

Spotify is finally available in Kenya! For the longest time, Kenyan ARMYs have been watching on the sidelines hearing about BTS breaking and making Spotify records without experiencing those moments first hand! Just recently, Spotify launched in South Korea and it seems that the ripple effect has trickled down to the corners of the globe. Now African ARMY have the chance to enjoy the millions of BTS content and music on Spotify.

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12 Tweets Because ARMY Wants BTS to Play Instruments In The Upcoming BTS’ ‘BE’ Album

As it is expected with every comeback, ARMYs are already making theories about what secrets about the album are hidden within the released “BE” concept photo. These 12 tweets about BTS’ BE album concept are genius and very well thought out, because they point out a few key details that some may have missed. These are tweets specifically about the instruments that have been included in the concept photo. We know that Suga and Jungkook have been learning to play the guitar, Suga even had a VLive and showed off his skills where he is with the practice. We saw Jungkook In The Soop episodes playing his guitar. Jin plays the guitar and has said that he is practicing playing the piano. V has a background of playing the saxophone. So the idea that BTS might be playing some instruments in the new album is not that far fetched.

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