BTS’ Jimin Edges Out Saint-Laurent, Bella Hadid Among Other Top Celebrities To Become The Top Mentioned Person After His Recent Merch Dropped

Jimin in his purple hood from his merch collection

“Jimin of BTS released his Artist made BTS collection that included “Yours Hoody” and “Red Carving Earrings. He not only sold out both the items but they were sold out a minute before they were officially released on their Weverse shop. According to this week’s trending insights report by NetBase Quid Jimin was the most mentioned person under “Apparels and Accessories with over 13.8 million discussions and mentions.

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Artist-made Collection By BTS ‘Making-of Log’ “I Really Love It And I know You Will Feel The Same Way” from j-hope

“j-hope showcased his design process of coming up with his merchandise for the “Artist-made Collection By BTS. The hope pot set and side by side mini bag are j-hope’s pride and hard work. While making his collection he had well thought out ideas that incorporated what he loves and what he would like his fans to enjoy. And in true j-hope fashion, he hummed as he drew enjoying every bit of the whole process adding sound effects as he worked on. For the most part he wanted to design items that will make fans remember him whether indoors or outdoors. He incorporated his artist name ‘j-hope’ on the flower pot sets and some lyrics of their song ‘Magic Shop’ Watch the full log here

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Artist-made Collection “Show” BY BTS’ j-hope, He Explains His Designs and Inspiration, featuring Jin, Jimin & V

“j-hope introduced his merch collection and was joined by his fellow members Jin, Jimin & V. j-hope’s merch includes Hope Pot Set and Side by Side Mini Bag. For the show j-hope’s MC was Jin who did a great job making the rapper laugh throughout the episode, models (VMin) V and Jimin posed with j-hope’s side by side mini bags. j-hope talked about designing the bags because he carries that type of bag often and the pot sets were so that when you look at them you will be reminded of him. For the bags he wanted something practical but fashionable as well. Watch the full show HERE

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