BTS Jungkook’s Blonde Hair Selfie Tweet Achieves Perfect Twitter All-Kill

A simple Selfie with blonde hair and a kiss face emoji was all it took to shake the world. Golden maknae gave us golden hair and we went nuts over how utterly good he looked. With over 3.1 Million Likes after only 33 days, Jungkook’s blonde haired selfie has achieved a Twitter All-Kill status. The Tweet is BTS’ most LIKED with (3.2M), most RETWEETED with (1.6M), most COMMENTED on with (714K) and the most WATCHED tweet.

BTS Jungkook is the only ARTIST with 2 Tweets with over 3 million likes and ties with both President Joe Biden and former president Barrack Obama as the only INDIVIDUALS with 2 tweets to have over 3 million likes. Legends.

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