Everything Is ‘Basic’ Until BTS’ Kim Tae-hyung Wears It

The brand that is BTS Kim Tae-hyung aka V, is not only something to be admired but hailed as priceless and not easily replicated. He is unmistakably beautiful with a pure personality to match. V’s airport fashion is always impeccable, he has various looks that he gives off probably depending on his mood. He will give you relaxed boyfriend look, vintage artsy look, classic denim longing look or even casual shorts on a summer day. V has been causing outfits to sell off the shelves in seconds, while creating trends with whatever he wears and photographers are able to capture him. It is not only the clothes that V wears that give off that stylish classy man look, the way he carries himself also shines through the clothes. The attitude he has whenever he is strolling down the red carpet, one arm in his pocket_ probably his signature walk_ and the different angles of his god-like jawline.

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BTS Fashion & Style Inspired By Their Favorite Colors, Whose Style Matches Your Personality?

Whether it is designer outfits or simple looks, BTS will rock them with ease and make them work. BTS’ airport fashion is simply stylish, effortless and well put together that they are always trending for their outfits whenever they travel. And then there is BTS in suits on the red carpet or even during performances, they were made to wear suits! BTS’ Red Carpet Fashion, has evolved over the years as they have learnt their bodies, tastes and what fits them perfectly. When it comes to designer fashion, Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook are very particular about what they wear, they do not go for the clothes just because its designer wear.

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BTS “Break the Internet: BTS” Paper Magazine Cover

BTS sat down with PAPER Magazine back in 2019 and talked about their lives, hopes and dreams for the future. PAPER Magazine described BTS as β€œEach member of BTS is a multifaceted artist in his own right. RM (Kim Nam-joon, 25), an agile rapper and hip-hop prodigy, serves as the group’s sagacious de facto leader who, thanks to his English-speaking skills, often acts as a translator for his bandmates when abroad. Thoughtful and fierce, Suga (Min Yoon-gi, 26) is a skilled yet humble record producer and songwriter who has worked on tracks for other K-pop idols like Epik High and Heize, and angel-voiced Jin (Kim Seok-jin, 26), a.k.a. “Mr. Worldwide Handsome,” is a sentimental songwriter.

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What BTS Wore to Day 1&2 of The ’35th Golden Disk Awards’ (GDA 2021) Red Carpet

BTS Golden Disk Awards 2021 Day 1

BTS fashion at the red carpet has evolved over the years. As they grew so did their taste, style and preferences grew. For instance Jungkook had a period where he loved to wear Timberland boots and white T-Shirts, which he always pulled off so well, now he prefers more comfortable fits whether it be casual or official. The members are fashion icons who have gotten the attention of brands, personalities, magazines and even individuals who love fashion in general. For their Red Carpet looks at the 35th Golden Disk Awards (GDA 2021), they were dressed by Dior. Singers RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, have proved that they have the most enviable wardrobe on the planet.

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BTS Were Dressed by Alexander McQueen for Their 2020 KBS Song Festival Red Carpet

BTS turned up at the 2020 KBS Song Festival looking all dapper in their Alexander McQueen outfits. The black, grey, white and camel tones of their outfits matched perfectly for the event. BTS are stylish trend setters who never fail to set the standards on fashion and create trends and craze that surround what they wear.

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Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS RM’s Cover

BTS’ RM covers Dispatch Winter 2021 Magazine, D-ICON ‘BTS Goes On’ issue no. 10. He may or may not know it but RM loves the camera and the camera loves him back. RM is the perfect embodiment of quintessential; strong, silent and self-contained. Strong, his natural sense of leadership, team player and open to critism. Silent, the way he looks at the world, quietly observes and then speaks of its existence. Self-contained, the way he wonders about life, its meanings and what it represents to him.

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