“Guy With The Pink Mic” strikes Again After BTS’ MTV Unplugged “Fix You” Cold Play Cover Performance

Car Door Guy,” “The Third Guy from The Left,” “Guy With The Pink Mic,”Guy With The Glasses,” “Matnae,” “Mr. Shoulders / Dorito,” the list is endless, if you are familiar with these phrases, then you definitely know what we are talking about. Kim Seok-jin took over twitter after his performance with BTS at their MTV Unplugged session. Last year Jin had switched his microphone and had started using a white one, fans said a sad goodbye but were excited with the new mic. This year as BTS performed on MTV Unplugged, Jin’s pink mic made a comeback. After their performance of Cold Play’s cover of “Fix You,” Jin’s vocals caught the attention of both fans and non fans, especially those new to BTS.

Soon after people were asking about Jin, praising his impeccable vocals and his heart warming beautiful performance. “Guy with the pink mic” appeared again as that was the only way that non fans could associate him with, or remember him by.

Comments about Jin from the “Fix You’ performance on YouTube

“The fact that Jin says his voice is just clean like yes it is bit it’s more then that sir it’s healing. Idk if he does this because he feels the others are better but he is so amazing at singing. I cried for the solos songs he has done and man his voice like gahh”_ lizroman14

As a hardcore Cold Play fan. They did an amazing job covering this. The guy with the purple and pink mic vocals matches this song well. From a Cold Play fan to BTS, kudos all around” _Logan DeGuzman

“This song is so close to my heart, it came out the same day I lost my grandmother and although it’s been over a decade, it still hits just the same, I cherish this song and is generally dismissive of any and every cover of this. But wow this. It touched me so much. All the boys are such amazing singers!! I thought some of them only rapped lol. Their vocals, the harmony, it made me feel the same way seeing Coldplay perform this live did. They put their heart and soul in this and if they do this for a cover, I wonder how their own songs sound like. The guy who ends the song gave me goosebumps, his voice is so, so rich. And the one who sits at the far right, wow. The tenor of his voice is unmatched. I especially love the one with the pink mic. Hi voice is so… soulful, emotional, I felt chills, it pushed me to tears. Someone please, introduce him to me! This cover was so perfect. This is phenomenal, now someone please introduce the pink mic guy to me.” _Irene H

“The fact that Jin wasn’t originally a singer and was only casted into bts because of his good looks is mind baffling cause like pure talent and hard work my bros’s” _brights

“Jin’s voice sounds like an innocent Voice I don’t know how to explain but u can hear the emotions of playfulness joy and innocence from his voice… its very new I guess never heard a voice like that” _Isma Cahyani

“Not an ARMY but this cover in incredible and their voices are so angelic. I can see why they are comfort and healing to ARMY. The guy with the pink mic had beautiful vocals! Thank you for covering this wonderful song!” _ Maryam Jibril

“Jin’s Angelic voice is warm enough to melt a cold heart ” _ Rumki Mukherjee

Here are some nicknames that Jin is well known for

Jin Worldwide Handsome

“World Wide Handsome” he gave himself this name when he introduced himself with this title at the 2017 BBMAs.

Jin as “Car Door Guy”

Jin as “the car door guy” this name came to be after Jin was spotted at award show event in Korea. He was the first member to get out of the car and his amazingly good looks gave him that nickname. Fans could not get over how handsome he is and those who did not know his name gave him that nickname.

Jin as “third guy from the left”

During the 2017 Billboard Music awards show, BTS showed up as they were taking their photographs, Jin’s good looks stood out that those who did not know him, just referred to him as “third guy from the left” standing next to Jungkook, he really was the third guy on the left

Jin the pink mic guy

BTS performed at the Steve Colbert show their hit song “Make it Right,” fans were astounded by Jin’s incredible voice and of course his amazing good looks. So comments were flooded on the YouTube video with everyone inquiring about who the ‘guy with the pink mic’ is that was the first time that the name started, back in 2019

Jin as pink mic guy pt. 2

Today after BTS performed a cover of Cold Play’s song “Fix You” on MTV Unplugged, Jin again caught the eye of fans and non fans alike who started asking who the “guy with the pink mic is”

The reaction’s to Jin’s performance are heart warming

Watch the live performance

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