7 Times BTS’ Namjoon Channeled ‘Steve Rogers’ aka ‘Captain America’

RM is our captain ARMY in more ways than one. Being the leader of BTS, he has been leading the band and making sure that their synergy and energy is positive so that they can achieve everything that they have so far. RM is ARMY’s superhero as his words and music have always comforted fans whenever they had tough times. He is always recommending music books and movies as well and showing us his favorite places to visit like museums and art galleries.

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Will BTS’ RM Finally Be Getting His Driving License in 2020?

BTS had another fun show on their RUN BTS episode 124 where members were informed that they would be coming up with the next episode for their program. The members were to brainstorm ideas and the best 2 would be chosen to be developed as an episode for a future RUN BTS. They all excitedly started talking about the different ideas that they had. Suga suddenly got an idea but decided to set it aside realizing that RM did not have a driving license. He did not say what the idea was and fans would really like to know what his idea was.

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That Time Jimin Made Namjoon Flustered & We’re Living For It

If there is one thing that BTS loves to give us is uwu moments with moments that are unforgettable. Namjoon and Jimin’s friendship is one that is admirable and fun and they always have great things to say about each other. During one of their reaction videos of their latest single, as they watched their music video, “Life Goes On” when Namjoon’s face came on screen, Jimin shouted ‘Daddy’ and all other members broke into laughter. Namjoon on the other end just got flustered and laughed about it. Then Jimin explained that he was like a dad to them since he is leader.

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17 Times We Loved RM & Suga’s Bromance

RM and Suga are the eternal room mates. Their friendship has been for over a decade, 10 years of building trust, love, loyalty, acceptance and mutual respect. their relationship dynamic seems to be one where they do not have to speak to each other to understand what the other is saying. They can be sitting in silence and yet be comfortable enjoying each other’s company. Both RM and Suga are great lyricists who write poetry like rhythms and wordplays that are spectacular and thought provoking. Their style of rap is more hardcore and hard hitting with a sort of raspy melody that just hits right. Once you are over the amazing lyrics and calmed down, then you can now read and really appreciate the meanings behind what they were saying. During BTS FESTA 2020, RM and Suga sat down to talk about their song “RESPECT”. Question was asked “What aspects of each other do you respect?

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10 Years Of BTS Namjoon and Yoongi’s Relationship, Here’s How ARMY is Celebrating

BTS Suga and RM have had a long friendship. RM was the first to join Big Hit, then Suga came next, so it was inevitable that they had to form a bond that would be different from the other members. Living together for 10 years is not easy especially when you have to share everything and learn to think of the other person. Any relationship or friendship takes work, attention and love, and I believe these two have developed that. 10 years_ a whole decade_ is not something that you can just assume as an easy place to be. Both RM and Suga have respect for each other, I mean, they wrote and performed their song “RESPECT,” the fact that they both started rapping in underground hip-hop just shows how deep their love for their craft is. I’m sure they go to each other whenever they need tips or ideas on the rap songs they are writing. After winning an award Suga was talking about how he and RM would sit and watch the award shows and wonder if they would ever get to experience that or win an award, now that they have won numerous awards together, they must look back at the past and see how far they have come.

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When BTS Jungkook Trusted RM and It Hilariously Backfired on Him

Jungkook has always said that RM is his inspiration and the reason he joined Big Hit Entertainment. He always looks up to him as the leader and the older brother. Jungkook has only high praises for RM whom he considers as a role model and has on several occasions said that he loves Namjoon’s brain because of how complex Namjoon’s thought process is. RM on the other hand has always taken care of Jungkook like his younger brother that he needs to protect. With his IQ of over 140, Jungkook just assumed that RM would know everything and be good at everything, he knows English after all, right? But the only time that Jungkook really needed RM to come through is the time that his Hyung fails him!

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