ARMY Whipped for Suga After ‘Black Swan’ Performance on Jimmy Fallon, and It’s Unavoidable

You can never look at Yoongi performing and want to look away. He has such an amazing strong stage presence that you are always drawn to him. It always seems like whenever he takes the stage, he becomes this other out worldly force of nature that is so different from Min Yoongi but still the same. As a rapper you would think that his dance moves would be aggressive or stiff, yet Yoongi showcases smooth fluid dance moves that seem so effortless and mind boggling at the same time. I especially love his performance in ‘Black Swan’. You can see his intense hard expression as if he is singing from the bottom of his soul, he probably is, you’re always feeling like if you look away you will be missing something crucial and important to your well being. Yoongi is captivating to watch. Period.

Watch Yoongi perform

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