“Artist-made collection by BTS” Jung Kook’s Version “ARMYST Zip up Hoody + Mikrokosmos Mood Lamp”

“The seventh and last BTS member to release their “Artist-made collection by BTS” is Jung Kook who has released “ARMYST Zip up Hoody” and “Mikrokosmos Mood Lamp” Jung Kook’s artwork on the Hoody is as creative as he is. He seems to have designed the art by combining the words “Army + Amethyst = ARMYST”! Amethyst is a purple quartz crystal, known as an “all-purpose stone”, they have mental and physical healing properties. For the Mood lamp you cam hear his voice when you turn it on. “Bluetooth is connected,” “Welcome to Jungkook’s Mikrokosmos,” “See you soon,” and “또 만나요~” (Korean for see you again) He named the mood lamp Mikrokosmos which is one of their songs. He used the color pink, purple, and blue which matches Mikrokosmos perfectly. His mic is purple and he loves the color purple. the Hoody have a grunge rugged feel to them.

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BTS’ Jung Kook Crowned As The #1 MOST HANDSOME MAN 2021 by KingChoice’s Poll With 2.4M Votes

“Jung Kook was crowned The #1 MOST HANDSOME MAN 2021 by KingChoice’s Poll. He got the position with a lead of 2.4 million votes! Jung Kook holds the crowns for, “Most Handsome Face of 2019“, “Sexiest International Man Alive 2020“, “Sexiest Men in the World 2021“, and now “Most Handsome Man of 2021“. Everything about Jungkook is so beautiful, so full of light. He deserves to be recognized for who he is, for being kind, so talented and strong, brave, for being himself and doing things on his amazing ways. He is indeed handsome inside and outside.

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BTS Jung Kook’s Fan Donates To An Animal Shelter To Celebrate “JungKookDay”

BTS Jung Kook and his doberman “BAM”

“BTS’ Jung Kook has always showh his love for his fans and they have shown the love back in return. They always celebrate in big ways whether it be the vocalist’s birthday, career milestones or even achivements. “Jung Kook Day” is always celebrated on 9th January when it was initiated by Jung Kook himself in a message in one of their Seasons greetings calendar. To celebrate the day, a fan donated to an animal shelter in honor of the airtist.

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