A Signed Hand Cast, His Colorful Casts, His Energy On Stage, BTS’ Jin Did Not Let His Injury Stop Him From Having Fun at The Concerts, ARMYs Loved Him for That

“During all day 1 and 2 of “Permission to Dance on Stage, Las Vegas, BTS’ Jin sang, danced, and performed impressively, he did it all with his injured hand. Jin had surgery on his finger before going to the US and the doctors had advised that he do no vigorous activity/choreography that would put any strain on his hand that was still healing. On some performances Jin sat down and sang while on his seat as the other members performed. He did not miss any beat or fail to hit his high notes

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BTS’ Jin Hit His Injured Hand While They Were on VLive & The Rest Of His Band Members Were Ready To Fight That Table

BTS Jin performing at the GRAMMYs with BTS

“BTS were having a VLive after the GRAMMYs where they were chatting with fans and talking about their feelings and experiences during the event. At one point Jimin popped the champagne bottle that startled Jin. He accidentally hit his injured hand that was still bandaged after he recently had surgery on it. You could feel the pain as it seared through him as he tried to swallow it down since they were live.

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BTS’ Jin Goes Viral As “stop looking at him” and “the likes” Are Currently Trending Due To A TikTok Edit Tweet With 1.9 Million Views

“BTS’ hyung has officially taken over the Twitter sphere! And why, just for looking handsome and looking all sorts of charming without even trying, that’s Mr. Worldwide Handsome aka Jin of BTS. “stop looking at him” and “the likes” both trending in all caps because of locals (non fans) are finding the tweet and asking who this man is?

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