BTS Scheduled To Appear On “MTV Unplugged Presents” + Special Edition BTS Photo Book

The year is only in the second month but BTS have already hit the ground running. Their 2020 was a busy year, now it seems they have planned a lot for ARMY as they still navigate another delicate year because of the pandemic. BTS is set to make an appearance on “MTV Unplugged Presents” on Feb. 24, 2021, 9 PM EST (Feb. 25, 11AM KST). They will be performing some of the hit tracks from their chart topping, record breaking album.

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BTS’ “Black Swan” Live Performance Finally Returns on James Corden Show’s YouTube Channel

The power that is ARMY is one force that the world cannot deny. When it comes to BTS, the fans are usually protective of them to the tooth and nail, whether it be against other artists, the media, or even the members’ company. A few weeks back, fans noticed that there were several BTS live performances that were deleted from the hosts’ YouTube channel. This caused quite a stir as most of those videos, over 25, were BTS’ older performances and some were even the band’s first performances in the United States. Fans were disappointed that their “boys” hard work was going down the drain as they worked hard to showcase their talent which was being dismissed.

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Italian Artist Giovanni Contardi Created an Incredible Portrait of BTS’ Jimin Using Rubik Cubes

BTS have always been the muse for many artists, actors, musicians and other celebrities. whether it be as musician’s or as idols, BTS have inspired a lot of creative work from individuals or organizations. A few months back BTS’ V was featured in a well know Korean Artist’s Exhibition as Artwork to be displayed at a museum gallery. The artwork was done by using consonants and vowels of Hangeul to create V’s portrait.

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Spotify Finally Launches In Korea, Warmly Welcomed by BTS

Spotify has officially launched its service in South Korea! which is the sixth-largest music market in the world. Koreans can now access over 60 million tracks and over 4 billion playlists from around the world, as well as enjoy personalized music recommendations and discover new music. Music lovers in Korea can stream Spotify’s broad music catalogue, spanning everything from the country’s own K-Pop to Latin American reggaeton, European electronic, and beyond. Korea’s launch brings Spotify’s global footprint to 93 markets and is a critical next step in our global expansion journey. Source

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BTS’ “Dynamite” Earns Its 25th Win On “Music Bank”

BTS’ hit single “Dynamite” is still at the top of charts, both local and international. This week the upbeat disco pop song earned its 25th Win on the Music Bank Show. Dynamite is on its 4th month since release and it is still gaining popularity despite new releases. On November 27th Music Bank featured BTS’ “Dynamite” vs. Im Chang Jungs’ “Love Should Not Be Harsh On You” as contenders for first place. “Dynamite” won with 11, 636 points while “Love Should Not Be Harsh On You” had 2,786 points. The show had various performers that included, COOING, Stray Kids, MOMOLAND, aespa, Natty, E’LAST, BAE173, BTOB 4U, LUCY, DRIPPIN, NCT U, DKB, CNBLUE, Bling Bling, STAYC, RabidAnce, NORAZO, and woo!ah!, Fans are predicting that nect week the battle might be between “Dynamite” and “Life Goes On,” and that will be an interesting fight!

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BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ Earns Gold RIAJ Certification In Japan

BTS have earned yet another milestone with their song that was made to bring comfort during this harsh year. “Dynamite” has been breaking records since it debuted on 21st August 2020. Recently the song got BTS their first major GRAMMY nomination, making them the first Korean act to do so in history. After surpassing 50 million streams, BTS’s hit single “Dynamite” has now received an official Gold Certification from The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). The full- English song becomes the fastest song by a Korean artist ever to achieve the feat. After surpassing 30 million streams for their 2018 title track IDOL, BTS received silver certification in Japan with “Fake Love,” “Lights,” “DNA,” and “Stay Gold.” BTS’s 2019 song “Boy With Luv” which had several records of its own, it now has over 1 billion views on YouTube, was the first song from BTS to earn a gold streaming certification from the RIAJ and now “Dynamite” has joined the “Gold” club of greatness! This means that BTS now holds two gold certifications issued by RIAJ.

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