Over 10 Years Of Friendship, Why Fans Are Endeared Over “Namgi” In Latest BTS Group Photo

“Friendships that have lasted over a dacade have special meaning and they are usually solid and what every person yearns for. To have one person that you can say “Yap, we’ve known each other for ten years!” Very few people have that and that is what fans see when they look at “Namgi” shortened forms of BTS RM and SUGA’s real names (Namjoon + Yoongi) combined. RM and SUGA were the first members to join BigHit now HYBE and they have forged their friendship over the years.

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17 Times We Loved RM & Suga’s Bromance

RM and Suga are the eternal room mates. Their friendship has been for over a decade, 10 years of building trust, love, loyalty, acceptance and mutual respect. their relationship dynamic seems to be one where they do not have to speak to each other to understand what the other is saying. They can be sitting in silence and yet be comfortable enjoying each other’s company. Both RM and Suga are great lyricists who write poetry like rhythms and wordplays that are spectacular and thought provoking. Their style of rap is more hardcore and hard hitting with a sort of raspy melody that just hits right. Once you are over the amazing lyrics and calmed down, then you can now read and really appreciate the meanings behind what they were saying. During BTS FESTA 2020, RM and Suga sat down to talk about their song “RESPECT”. Question was asked “What aspects of each other do you respect?

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BTS Yoon-gi and Namjoon Friendship

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