BTS 2021 Winter Package Photos to Warm Your Heart + Latest Preview Video

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Big Hit Shares HD Photos of BTS’ “2021 WINTER PACKAGE” Preview Cuts Part 1


Big Hit Entertainment shared BTS’ 2021 WINTER PACKAGE” photos and they are amazing. The preview cuts is titled “2021 BTS WINTER PACKAGE for ARMY!” Previously they had shared a video trailer for the package. The photos showcase the members in various poses mainly just having fun and enjoying each other’s’ company. It is always heart warming to see Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook together and relaxed and be happy. The boys look warm and cozy in their winter outfits. After their full year that was 2020, the members deserve a break to chill and prepare for the year 2021, which will probably be another busy year for them, so taking as much time as they can to relax would be a great way to prepare for what is ahead.

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BTS Jungkook’s Hair Back On Worldwide Trends, Here’s Why

BTS have already started 2021 with a splash! They are having several projects ongoing and still planning. They became ambassadors for SMART company for their youth campaign, they have backed their vocals for a Cocacola ad and now they are launching their 2021 WINTER PACKAGE. It has been barely a month when Jungkook caused a beautiful stir in the world when he launched his blonde hair, the excitement is barely dying down…

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