BTS Suga’s “Interlude: Shadow” Comeback Trailer Surpassed 100 Million Views

BTS Suga’s “Interlude: Shadow” Comeback Trailer Surpassed 100 Million Views on YouTube with 6.5 million likes and 732K comments.

The “Interlude: Shadow” comeback trailer was released on January 10, 2020. The 3-minute song showcases Yoongi’s versatile rapping skill, intermixing Korean and English lyrics and switching up flow patterns throughout the song.

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary To BTS Suga’s Impeccable Song “Shadow”

“Interlude: Shadow” by Suga of BTS was released on January 9th, 2020 as the first comeback trailer and appears as the sixth track in their fourth studio album Map of the Soul: 7. This is Suga’s first comeback trailer solo since Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life. The comeback trailer contains visual references to BTS’s album O!RUL8,2?. Suga raps about the fear and insecurities that come with fame and success. At that time, It broke the record for the fastest music video to hit 1M likes on YouTube (in 30min), it was also the Fastest MV by a Korean solo act to hit 10M views (in 9h)

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