When BTS Jungkook Trusted RM and It Hilariously Backfired on Him

Jungkook has always said that RM is his inspiration and the reason he joined Big Hit Entertainment. He always looks up to him as the leader and the older brother. Jungkook has only high praises for RM whom he considers as a role model and has on several occasions said that he loves Namjoon’s brain because of how complex Namjoon’s thought process is. RM on the other hand has always taken care of Jungkook like his younger brother that he needs to protect. With his IQ of over 140, Jungkook just assumed that RM would know everything and be good at everything, he knows English after all, right? But the only time that Jungkook really needed RM to come through is the time that his Hyung fails him!

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RUN BTS Episode Brought Out ‘Savage’ Suga & We are Here For It

BTS Min Yoo-ngi aka Suga is known for being the straight forward sharp shooter whenever it comes to giving answers or just generally talking. He is very sensible and will say it as it is without blinking an eye. In short he is a realist, seeing the world as plainly either white or black no in between really. His answers will make you question life and maybe even regret asking in the first place. In the recent episode of RUN BTS episode 112, the members were playing a game where you have to pick several differences between 2 similar photos. BTS being the chaotic competitive boys that they are, everyone was scouring to be the first to complete the test. In one of the turns, Suga finished first by getting all the answers right. As the others struggled to point out the differences, Jimin aske Suga how many there were. Suga answered Jimin with the number. What transpired next was a drama fit for a K-Drama episode!

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The Never Ending Saga of Suga “Refusing” V’s Affection Continues on RUN BTS

BTS have been busy with promoting their “Dynamite” single for the past 2 or so  months and it was exciting news to find out that ARMY will be getting a new episode of RUN BTS!  BTS‘s variety show Run BTS is where fans can be able to see the members’ characters and the less than serious chaotic human beings that they are. The first episode after the hiatus started off even more chaotic than ever! We love to see. To start off, the members had to choose a partner to play the games with. To choose a partner the boys had to dance in a circle like musical chairs and one the MC stops, they are to run to the partner of choice.

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