10 Years Of BTS Namjoon and Yoongi’s Relationship, Here’s How ARMY is Celebrating

BTS Suga and RM have had a long friendship. RM was the first to join Big Hit, then Suga came next, so it was inevitable that they had to form a bond that would be different from the other members. Living together for 10 years is not easy especially when you have to share everything and learn to think of the other person. Any relationship or friendship takes work, attention and love, and I believe these two have developed that. 10 years_ a whole decade_ is not something that you can just assume as an easy place to be. Both RM and Suga have respect for each other, I mean, they wrote and performed their song “RESPECT,” the fact that they both started rapping in underground hip-hop just shows how deep their love for their craft is. I’m sure they go to each other whenever they need tips or ideas on the rap songs they are writing. After winning an award Suga was talking about how he and RM would sit and watch the award shows and wonder if they would ever get to experience that or win an award, now that they have won numerous awards together, they must look back at the past and see how far they have come.

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How Namjoon and Yoongi support each other

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Namjoon’s Relationship with Yoongi

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BTS Yoon-gi and Namjoon’s Relatable Friendship

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NamGi (Namjoon & Yoongi) Photo booth

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