When BTS Jungkook Trusted RM and It Hilariously Backfired on Him

Jungkook has always said that RM is his inspiration and the reason he joined Big Hit Entertainment. He always looks up to him as the leader and the older brother. Jungkook has only high praises for RM whom he considers as a role model and has on several occasions said that he loves Namjoon’s brain because of how complex Namjoon’s thought process is. RM on the other hand has always taken care of Jungkook like his younger brother that he needs to protect. With his IQ of over 140, Jungkook just assumed that RM would know everything and be good at everything, he knows English after all, right? But the only time that Jungkook really needed RM to come through is the time that his Hyung fails him!

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Jungkook’s relationship with RM

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Namjoon and Jungkook’s admiration for each other

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Namjoon’s Relationship with Jungkook

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NamKook (Namjoon and Jungkook) Photo booth

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