BTS Performs ‘Mikrokosmos’ for Day 4 of #BTSWEEK on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

It’s Day 4 of #BTSWEEK, how have you survived up to now? BTS have given us great performances of ‘Dynamite’, “IDOL”, “Black Swan” and “HOME”. From their style to the set designs, the performances have been worth the wait. For their Day 4 BTS performed “Mikrokosmos” from their 2019 Album Map of the Soul: Persona which was just perfect. In most BTS concerts Mikrokosmos is usually the last song performed so you always know that it is the end of the concert when you hear it. This somehow applies because we have BTS for five days so this is the eve of the last day. ARMY is looking forward to what the last day will bring. And if it is anything like what we have seen, then the expectations are pretty high. I am hoping for a Blood Sweat & Tears performance, that will be so epic!

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