Magnum Ice Cream Once Again Mentioned BTS’ Jimin, They Would, ‘Give Jimin All The Ice Cream Just For Existing’ & We Completely Agree!

“Once you “Jim-In, You cannot JimOut” that’s a famous saying and inside quote in the BTS fandom. BTS’ Jimin has a way of crawling into your heart and refusing to leave. He will chatm you with his immaculate cuteness and keep you glued with his sexiness and when you watch him dance and sing, you are a complete gonner. He is the most caring thoughtful human on the planet, he loves ARMY deeply and ARMY lives him back.

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Magnum Ice Cream Confirms They Only Have Eyes for BTS’ Jimin & There’s No Lie About it


Jimin. BTS’ lead dancer and vocalist and visuals has just collected another heart. Magnum Ice Cream is completely whipped by the talented beautiful human that is Jimin. American celebrities have been professing their love for Jimin, he has pulled the heart strings of Lizzo recently, Twix joined in and the rest as they say is history!

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