Kenyan BTS ARMY On South Korea’s KBS News Singing BTS’ Songs & Talk Why They Learnt Korean


“It is amazing how 7 men from a far away country inspired fans from another far away country. BTS’ music has the power to connect people regardless of language barrier. The lyrics, messages and meaning behind all their songs has always beem what draws fans from around the globe. In their music, you can see BTS’ sincerity and love for their craft, their hard work always shines through in every video the produce.

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Kenyan BTS ARMYs Featured in KBS Hangul Day Special Documentary Why It’s Both Special & Meaningful

“Kenyan BTS ARMY are winning everyday and the dream of BTS coming to Kenya for a concert are becoming more real. Kenya was first mentioned or appeared under BTS’ s radar when the release of “Permission to Dance” happened and there was Kenya on the board with a list of countries that fans speculated that those are the cities that BTS would visit in the future. The dream is becoming more real as BTS announced that they will have their first live in person concert in Los Angeles which is the first city on that board in the “Permission to Dance” music Video.

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