BTS Jung Kook’s Fan Donates To An Animal Shelter To Celebrate “JungKookDay”

BTS Jung Kook and his doberman “BAM”

“BTS’ Jung Kook has always showh his love for his fans and they have shown the love back in return. They always celebrate in big ways whether it be the vocalist’s birthday, career milestones or even achivements. “Jung Kook Day” is always celebrated on 9th January when it was initiated by Jung Kook himself in a message in one of their Seasons greetings calendar. To celebrate the day, a fan donated to an animal shelter in honor of the airtist.

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Incredible ARMY Birthday Fanarts Created To Celebrate BTS JungKook’s 2021 Birthday

“Artistic ARMYs have not been left behind in celebrating BTS’ JungKook’s birthday. ARMY as a fandom is a family of people from all walks of life, country, language a lot of other factors that make them so different yet so similar in their love for BTS. From watercolor, digital art, pencil art, fan arts are the true definition of art brought to life. Whether it is an armature artists or a professional artist, fan arts are created form the heart and all the soul is poured out when making them. For JungKook’s birthday, there were thousand of fan art that represented how the artists sees or interprets JungKook to him or her. Here are a few of our favorite.

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From BBC’s Adele Roberts, Samsung, Tokopedia, MTV Among Other Celebrities’ The Whole World Celebrated JungKook’s 2021 Birthday

“JungKook’s Birthday has been and still is the most celebrated event on 1st September as he turns 24 years old (International age) As much as he received heartwarming messages from his fellow BTS bandmates, fans, he also received messages from celebrities, media personalities, verified accounts, radio and even online publications. The main vocalist, dancer, singer, song writer, producer, rapper, golden maknae has achieved so much at such a young age that has made him grow up very fast in the eyes of the public. His poise, talent, mannerisms and heart are something to be emulated and other idols, celebrities and personalities are always awed by him lovable nature. His kind heart has always been admired the most

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