ARMY’s Hilarious Reactions To Missing BTS Jungkook’s VLive Are A Whole Mood, “I Missed A JK Live” Trends Together With “jungkook”

No one shakes the entire world like BTS’ Jungkook surprising ARMY when he comes on social media, any social media really, whether it be YouTube, Twitter, VLive or Weverse, because its a rare occurrence. Jungkook did say that he would go live, unfortunately with the time differences, his live was at 4am in most places and there are those who missed it mostly because they were asleep by then.

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BTS’ Jungkook Joins a Former & Current President As The Only individuals to Have Broken This Twitter Record

BTS’ Jungkook is the King of trends, whenever he posts on Twitter, which is usually once in every new moon, he always hits the number 1 trend in most countries with his related key words trending too. The golden maknae is loved by ARMY and anything he does is always deemed too adorable and cute. When they released their song “Dynamite” he trended for his holding a glass of milk, he trended when he debuted his blonde hair at an award show, he trended when he showed of more of his tattoos at an episode of RUN BTS and recently trended when he posted a Selca that broke some records of its own.

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BTS’ Jungkook Trending More Than The Super Bowl After Posting Selca

America said, “Superbowl? Nah, we missed Jungkook”

Nothing says heart attack like Jungkook posting a selca after what seems like an eternity! Jungkook has always been the BTS member who posts the least, so when he posts anything, the whole world goes berserk because they know the next time he will be online will be after a century, literally! The golden maknae once posted a picture of him holding a glass of milk after the release of their single “Dynamite” and it gained over 1 million likes in a few hours, the power that this man holds! He is indeed the King of trends.

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