BTS’ Jin’s “Yours” and V’s “Sweet Night” Are The Only Korean Solo OSTs To Reach #1 On US iTunes

BTS Jin and V

“BTS Jin’s OST “Yours” now joins V’s “Sweet Night” as the only Korean solo OST to reach #1 on US iTunes. Jin’s song was released on 7th November 2021 as one of the OST to the Korean series “Jirisan” and sky rocketed to the top of the US iTunes and iTunes Worldwide songs chart. V’ “Sweet Night” was released on  13th of March 2020 as one of the OST for the Korean drama series “Itaewon Class.” V’s “Sweet Night” reached 118 #1s on iTunes, while Jin’s “Yours” has over 80 #1s on iTunes worldwide.

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Happy 4 Years Annivesary to Jin & V’s MMA Nominated OST “It’s Definitely You”

Happy 4 Year Anniversary to Jin and V’s song “It’s Definitely You” A song that was an OST in the K-Drama “Hwarang” that V acted in. The song showcases both V and Jin’s vocal ranges and how the two just blend perfectly well. The chemistry between the two of them is undeniable as they flow effortlessly and perform the song with the emotions that perfectly suit the feel of the heart warming song.

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