BTS Jimin’s Map Of The Soul ON:E “Filter” Solo Performance Intriguing Analysis

BTS Jimin

Jimin’s solo performances have always been special, he studied contemporary dance for years, which has always influenced his dance styles in his solo works or in BTS as a band member. BTS’ Jimin’s performance of “Filter” during the “Map Of The Soul ON:E” online concert was a showcase of the century, just to put it mildly. The song “Filter” itself is a song that has such a deep meaning that goes beyond the lyrics you read or listen to, it talks about the different roles that Jimin plays as an idol going through many filters in order to entertain his fans, his friends, the company and/or even family.

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Fans React to Theory About Jimin’s Quick Outfit Change in “Filter” During Map of The Soul ON:E Concert

BTS Jimin dancing is a whole story unfolding, the making of a grand film, the writing of magnificent poetry, the sculpting of a picasso, the drawing of a Monalisa, basically Jimin dancing is ART. The whole world now knows that Jimin can perform, and outperform! No one was ready for his performance of “Filter” in Map Of the Soul ON:E concert. He blew the roof away with his performance because of how intricate, detailed and seductive it was.

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The Power of PARK JIMIN in ‘Filter’ Map of the Soul One Performance is Impossibly Seductive

Jimin is a dancer. He is the perfect embodiment of body meets rhythm, meets beat, meets emotion and then blends all movements. His stage presence can be felt a mile away but felt like his breath is just right next to the hairs on your neck. Nothing prepared anyone for Jimin’s filter performance! No one! “Dead.” “In my mind rent free.” “I can’t move.” Filter Jimin. Just a few of the words used to describe Jimin’s ‘Filter’ Performance during the Map of the Soul O:NE Concert. It was never what anyone expected. Now no one can never listen to “Filter” the same way ever again.

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