BTS’ “DNA” Music Video Surpassed 1.3 Billion Views

“DNA” surpassed 1.3 Billion views on YouTube! This is the number of times fans have enjoyed watching the music video. “DNA” is the title song of BTS’ album ‘Love Yourself: Her’ released in September 2017

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BTS’ “DNA” Music Video Surpassed 1.2 Billion Views

BTS’ music video ”DNA” surpassed 1.2 billion views on YouTube!

“DNA” is the title song for BTS’ album “LOVE YOURSELF 承’Her’ released on 18th September 2017 exceeded the 1.2 billion views on February 11th. “DNA” was the first BTS music video to reach 1 billion views on You Tube and has been on a steady rise, adding 100 million views in about 4 months after recording the impressive 1.1 billion views mark. “DNA” became the first-place winner on various South Korean weekly music programs. The song won a total of 10 music show awards including a “triple crown” (three consecutive wins) on both Music Bank and Inkigayo. The song also achieved five consecutive Melon Weekly Popularity Awards due to its substantial success on digital platforms.

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BTS’ “Love Yourself: Answer” Album re-enters Billboard 200 Chart

BTS’ “Love Yourself: Answer” re-entered this week’s Billboard 200 Chart at No. 185. “The album “Love Yourself: Answer” is all about “Loving oneself is where true love begins” A celebration with the ARMY. First unveiled in March of 2016, the BTS LOVE YOURSELF series creates a narrative by linking the key songs in each album into a single theme, imparting the message that “loving yourself is true love”. Like a well-written novel having introduction, development, twists, and conclusion it shared a compelling story for two and a half years. ‘ANSWER’ is the final piece of the puzzle.” Big Hit. Though it’s a repackaged album, LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘ANSWER’ still includes seven brand-new tracks.

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