BTS’ FILA NEURON ‘RUN YOUR RACE’ Ad – Jin ver. “Beginning My Own Track”

“Jin perfectly defines “Beginning his own track” to new beginnings

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BTS’ FILA NEURON ‘RUN YOUR RACE’ Ad – Jimin ver. “Time To Meet New Running”

“Jimin’s new pose perfect for his “Time for new running” into the future.

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BTS’ FILA ‘RUNNER’S INSTINCT : NEURON’ Ad – Jin ver. “Sprint With A Powerful Boost”

FILA released their latest ‘RUNNER’S INSTINCT : NEURON’ Ad featuring BTS’ Jin.

“KIM SEOKJIN who allowed you to be this breathtaking!?” a true statement as Jin totally embodies “Sprint With A Powerful Boost” in all the shots for his solo ad that showcases why he is called worldwide handsome.

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