ARMYs React To BTS SUGA’s Recent Copyright Strike On His Latest Selca On Twitter

“SUGA of BTS posted a Selca (selfie) on their official twitter handle with the caption “Pink Pink” a few hours later fans notices that the photo has a copyroght strike notice stating “Image has been removed in response from the copyright holder” The worst thing that can happen to a Twitter user is receiving a copyright strike which in turn may cause your account to be suspended or worse deleted!

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‘MULLET YOONGI’ is Currently Trending On Twitter With Over 19K Tweets After Release of BTS’ “Butter” 1st Group Photo

Fans finally got to see BTS’ hairstyles once the First Group Photo teaser for “Butter” single was released and they are not okay!

During his birthday VLIVE back in March this year, SUGA (Yoongi) had answered a fan about his hair and he showed it off saying tha down the first time in his life he is trying to grow out his hair to be a bit longer.

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“Happy Birthday Yoongi” Trends #1 Worldwide With over 1.24 Million Tweets As ARMY Celebrate BTS Suga’s Birthday

It’s officially BTS Suga’s aka Yoongi aka Min Yoongi aka Agust D birthday in South Korea and birthday wishes are flooding in for the world’s best rapper. Trending with “Happy Birthday Yoongi” are #HappySUGAday, #OurMusicYoongi, #KingYoongiDay, #DaeguWordsmithDay, #OurFirstLoveSUGA, #ThatSameMoonlight, #OurGeniusMinPD, #YoongiOurHome, #OurSpringAndWinterSUGA, #HappyBirthdaySUGA, #HappySUGAday and #윤기야넌누구보다_밝게빛나

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