To Celebrate Korea’s Children’s Day BTS’ j-hope Donated ₩100 Million KRW To Support Underprivileged Youth In Tanzania, Africa

BTS j-hope

Dance leader, rapper, producer and eternal sunshine, j-hope has a heart of Gold. Not only does his sunshine personality, bright smile and powerful lyrics touch the world, his philanthropy is one amazing aspect that make him wholesome as a person. Last year j-hope donated 100 million won to children in crisis families who are suffering from Corona 19, and in February, he again donated 150 million won to celebrate his birthday on 18th February.

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BTS’ Suga Donated 100 million won (approximately $87,980) On His Birthday to Support The Treatment Of Pediatric Cancer Patients

BTS’ Suga has always been a person who cares a lot about people especially those suffering. His words are always filled with comfort, positive messages and love. He once said that he was happy because he gets to do the kind of music that he wants. His music has always brought happiness, healing and self-discovery. He is one of the greatest rapper but the greatest human being. All the other members have always celebrated their birthdays by giving to charities that are close to their hearts. Suga is also a wholesome giver who has been active in philanthropy works. In 2014, Suga made a promise to buy his fans meat should he find success as a musical artist.

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BTS’ J-Hope Donated ₩150 Million to Charity On His Birthday to Support Children With Disabilities

BTS’ J-Hope is not just the best rapper, songwriter, singer, dancer, and record producer, he is an incredible human being with the most beautiful soul in the world. He is a philanthropist who has been giving back to society to ease the pain of the less fortunate. His music is always meant to bring some peace and comfort to the listener, that is why he released his “Hope World” mixtape, to be a “Piece of Peace” he had said.

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