BTS’ RM Mentions The GRAMMYs, Urges ARMY Not To Engage With Negativity Online & How BTS Is Not An Individual Entity But A Collection Of Different Aspects

“As with every concert that BTS performs at, they usually give speeches at the end of the concert, known as endingment where they pour out their hearts and talk about their feelings before, during and after their performance. They always relay their fears, excitement and even hopes for the future and always encourage their fans by offering advice. BTS’ leader RM is known for his beautiful speeches that always leave you wanting to hear more and leaves you lighter than you began the day. During their Permisssion to dance on stage Las Vegas, RM talked about several topics surrounding them and ARMY.

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BTS’ j-hope Shared Day 1 Sound Check For Their “Permission to Dance on Stage” Las Vegas


“Day one of BTS’ “Permission to Dance on stage” Las Vegas began and j-hope gave fans a sneek preview of their soundcheck. The “Hope World” BTS rapper shared the clips on his instagram stories and also shared the locker room where each member’s jerseys from the “Raiders” team hung up. BTS have three more concerts left on 9th, 15th and 16th April.

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BTS’ Permission To ‘Dance The City – LAS VEGAS’ Event Schedule, Everything You Need To Know & Where To Be For The Full BTS “VEGAS” Experience

“BTS is providing you with the full Vegas experience in four amazing categories, “Shopping,” “Entertainment,” “Food & Beverage,” and how to make your “Stay” memorable during their 4-day takeover and residency with their “Permission to Dance on Stage, Las Vegas” concerts.  You can Indulge in SHOPPING at BTS Tour Official Merch. Booth(Concert), BTS Official Merch. Store(LIVE PLAY) and BTS POP-UP: PERMISSION TO DANCE in LAS VEGAS. Everything has been planned to maximize the days that BTS will be in Las Vegas.

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