BTS’ V Thanks ARMY For Allowing Him To Have His Private Time Relaxing While in Hawaii

BTS’ V post on Weverse

“V of BTS showed his gratitude to ARMY for allowing him the space and time to relax while he was in Hawaii. BTS had been ion the US for their American Music Awards AMAs performance where they also received 3 awards, their 4 day “Permission to Dance on Stage, LA” the iHeart Radio Jingle ball performances, they also appeared on James Corden show. While three of the members came back home, V, j-hope, RM and SUGA had remained behind. On 9th December V and j-hope were the second pair to arrive in South Korea. V shared on Weverse a photo oh him with a garland around his neck. He just captioned the photo with a smiley face.

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BTS’ Jin Assured ARMY They Arrived Safely In LA After Their Flight To The US

“BTS left for LA, USA to prepare for their upcoming activities of Awards show, concerts and interviews. They are scheduled to perform at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs), have a chat with James Corden and perform for their “Permission to Dance on Stage” Their 14 hour travel came to an end as they arrived in LA. As is the norm, ARMY will always show up at the airport to see their favorite artists and BTS being the biggest artists in the world right now, being mobbed at their arrival is unfortunately to be expected.

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BTS’ Jin Asked An ARMY For “Receipts”, Here’s Why It’s Adorable Yet Relatable

“BTS’ Jin is the King of replies when it comes to interacting with ARMY. His savage answers are always hilarious and fun. He answers as is and makes everything seem chaotic yet entertaining. In the latest comment to a fan on Weverse, Jin asked a fan who said that if Jin answered on his post, he would post the comment on his apartment window. Jin saw the post and replied that since he has answered to his comment as requested, then the fan should do as he said he would. He is basically asking for receipts as proof and ARMY reactions are as hilarious as they are varied. There are those who wish it was their comment being replied to, those who are in awe and those who support Jin’s hilarious request for proof that he/ she followed through with his intent of posting the response on their window. Jin’s response on Weverse

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