Namjoon and Jimin best friendship moments

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Namjoon and Jungkook’s admiration for each other

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Namjoon’s Relationship with Jungkook

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BTS RM and Jimin Dalgona Making Skills Got Them on The Local News

During one of their VLive Jimin decided to invite RM so that they could try out making the trending Dalgona coffee. They played fun songs as they started the process even suggesting that fans listen to their song β€˜Coffee’. Dalgona coffee requires a lot of muscle strength and they soon found out that it was not such an easy task. Stirring was the hardest part as even Jimin joked that he no longer has the strength to rebel against Jungkook anymore!

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Namjoon and V being each others’ fans

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Namjoon’s relationship with Kim Taehyung

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