BTS JungKook’s Fan Donates ₩2.5 Million ($ 2,157) To An Animal Shelter To Celebrate JungKook’s Birthday

“Korean Welfare Association revealed that a fan donated ₩2.5 Million (approximately $2157 to the organization to celebrate JungKook’s birthday. The donation is said to be used to build their second protection center for abused and abandoned animals. The organization also revelaes that the donor’s name would be engraved on the building as a sign of gratitude.

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BTS JungKook’s Name Received Over 8.8 Million Twitter Mentions, He Had Over 14 Hashtags & Keywords With Over 500K Mentions During His Birthday

“JungKook’s birthday was a worldwide event as he received lots of love from all quarters, from his BTS members who wrote him birthday messages, to celebrities to ARMY, JungKook ruled the twitter trends from 31st August to 1st September during his birthday celebrations. ‘Jungkook’ had 8.8M mentions, ‘정국’ had 3.2M mentions, #HappyBirthdayJungkook had 2.6M mentions, 8 hashtags/keywords had over 1M mentions while 14 hashtags/keywords had over 500K mentions worldwide.

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Dear JungKook, These Are Your 2021 Birthday Wishes From ARMY, “Happy Birthday JungKook”

As 1st September wraps up and JungKook’s birthday comes to an end, we know we are lucky that this man was born, because without him, BTS would be incomplete. He is the sweetest and kindest human that loves ARMY with all his heart and we can only pray that he lives a happy healthy life that makes him content with his life, career and dreams.

“Its 9th birthday that I’m celebrating with ARMY! Thank you to everyone for sending so many wishes ♡ I hope I can also celebrate my 10th birthday, & again 20th & 30th with ARMY as BTS Jungkook” JungKook

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