WATCH BTS’ “N.O” MOTS ON:E Dance Break, Dance Practice

BTS are continuing their 2021 FESTA by sharing their second dance practice for N.O dance break that they did for their performance at the 2020 Map Of The Soul ON:E concert.

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WATCH BTS’ 2020 MMA “Black Swan” Intro Performance Dance Practice

The secret to BTS Jimin and Jung Kook’s internet breaking “Black Swan” MMA 2020 Intro Performnace is out!

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WATCH BTS’ First Dance Practice for “BUTTER” In Their New HYBE Building

“Butter” is BTS’ first dance practice in their new HYBE building. Dance practices are usually the chance to catch some moves that the camera might not have been able to capture in the music video or live performances. With dance practices, the camera is usually focused or stands still and does not move with the dances, so everything is clear as you watch the moves.

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WATCH BTS Suga’s “Daechwita” Sword Dance Practice

When BTS Suga released “Daechwita” the whole world literally went berserk over how outstandingly good not only the song, visuals, story line and lyrics were but how flawlessly Suga handled the sword. “Daechwita” was the lead single to Suga’s latest Mixtape – D2 that had been long and anxiously awaited released in 2020. Fans were fascinated by his skills in the sword dance part in the explosive song. It was flawless that some may have even doubted whether it was real. In their latest Bangtan Bomb series on YouTube, we get to see Suga practicing his sword dance in his hit single “Daechwita.”

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BTS ‘We Are Bulletproof Pt.2’ Dance Practice

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BTS ‘Attack on Bangtan’ Dance Practice

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