BTS’ Samsung GalaxyS21 2021 Ad Campaign, V Cut

BTS V’s new BTS Samsung Galaxy Ad is remarkable. His theme for his campaign is “V lets the #GalaxyS21 say it all” V infront of the lens is a perfect work of art, his side profile is well sculpted to give you that addictive look that you cannot take your eyes off of him. His graceful and natural poses makes the complete picture a story that is told in 1000 words, recited as a 18th century poetry. The phone and V become one in this picture as your eyes wander over the beauty that is the BTS vocalist, you cannot help but want to know more of what he is selling to you, his visuals are everything that this ad need to be, PERFECTION.

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SAMSUNG Teases New Collab With BTS

BTS have already started the new year 2021 by hitting the ground running. Their first public appearance for an event for 2021 was the Golden Disk Awards where they performed and won awards during the ceremony. They already have one amazing Coca-Cola Turn Up Your Rhythm ad campaign down and now we can look forward to another great collaboration with Samsung.

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The New BTS Galaxy Note 20 Ad Campaign is Spectacular

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Visuals for the new BTS X FILA “GO BEYOND” Ad are super amazing!

I think for BTS, looking good is ingrained in their DNA. Whether its looking like Greek mythological statues standing next to a Hyundai car, eating crispy chicken or drinking an energy drink, pretty much drinking anything, BTS will make you standstill and pay attention!

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FILA X BTS Go Beyond Commercial

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