“ARMY SELCA DAY” is a monthly event tha occurs every first Tuesday of a new month. It is a day for BTS’ ARMY to be creative with their Selcas (Selfies) because they are taking them next to their favorite idol.

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#BlackOutBTS (Black ARMY Selca Day) ft. BTS’ Jimin

Every shade of black is beautiful, and that is why #BlackOutBTS exists, to give black ARMY the chace to celebrate their favourite BTS member. Skin color is relative, what is important is how do you love yoursf in the skin that you got?

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#BlackOutBTS (Black ARMY Selca Day) ft. BTS’ j-hope

Everyone has an individual beauty that shines through with a little confidence. #BlackOutBTS is a black ARMY selca day that seeks to bring out the beauty within. It matters not your skin color, yet appreciaring the one you are in is the most important thing. Nothing is better than posing with your BTS bias even if it is virtual.

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#BlackOutBTS (Black ARMY Selca Day) ft. BTS’ SUGA

BTS’ ARMY is made of a diverse group of people from all walks of life and they each have a voice of their own. One fan describes #Black Out BTS as a day made for the fans who sometimes get the most silenced within the army, “it is a Selca day for just us (Black ARMY) to showcase our beauty, admire our bias in any way we choose to and for once get some shine. This isn’t to exclude anyone, this is to raise up those who don’t receive inclusion.”

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Our 37+ Favorite #BlackOutBTS Selcas Celebrating Black ARMY, What it Means & Why It’s Important

For anyone not aware, the first Tuesday of every month on Twitter is known as “ARMY Selca Day”, where BTS fans post selfies/selcas of themselves with a picture of their favorite BTS member. The Fans get creative by recreating the Selcas with the same outfits, similar poses or even similar or the same location as where the BTS ember took the Selca. Today #BlackOutBTS trended on Twitter which might be misinterpret but the day is still ARMY Selca Day but with Black ARMY posting Selcas with their favorite BTS member. So how and when did #BlackOutBTS trend start and what does it mean? A fan explained that,

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24 Fabulous ARMY Selca Day Photos featuring BTS’ V

Selca means selfie camera, or what we all call a selfie photo. Selca day is basically a certain day of the month when fans can take selfies/selcas with their favorite idols. Usually, selca day is celebrated on Twitter, but not only on Twitter, even on Tumblr, there are people who celebrate and actually it is really just a question of people’s varying preferences. Selca day has been done by fans in various countries. In addition, fans celebrate with a hashtag such as #armyselcaday

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