For BTS JungKook’s Birthday “One In An ARMY” Will Be Supporting “Usikimye” Organization In Kenya

“Usikimye is Swahili word for “Don’t be Silent” and OneInAnARMY a charity organization will be supporting “Usikimye” against sexual and gender based violence in Kenya. With #BreakTheSilenceWithJK, the charity organization has chosen to suport a Kenyan organization, “Usikimye” which is a safe haven where they provide food, shelter, counselling among other forms of support for victims and survivors sexual and gender based violence.

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Philippines ARMY Adopted 8 Whales Under The Project “Whalien is Finally Heard” To Honor BTS’ 8th Anniversary

BTS have not only inspired fans around the world with their music but their generous acts have drizzled down to their fans, ARMY, who have adopted the heart of selflessly giving to the less fortunate, donating to the needy, helping conserve the environment and even building projects. ARMY have engaged in Planting trees, projects for anniversaries, projects to celebrate milestones, building a baby nursery in South Africa, engaged in conserving coral reefs, built a hospital in China for a birthday among other wonderful projects.

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BTS V’s Fans Once Again Donate To Various Charities Worldwide To Celebrate His “Singularity’s” 3rd Year Anniversary

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

No words have ever been truer than that quote. And it is true of BTS’ fans (ARMY) who have taken BTS’ message of loving yourself to heart, because loving others starts from loving oneself, and if you love yourself you will not want to see anyone suffer. Since the start of 2020, the world took an upside down turn with the onset of Covid 19, many lives have been lost and many more people are still suffering.

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