What Each BTS Member would like to do by the end of 2020

“BTS sat down to talk about their new single ‘Dynamite’ in a 7 second interview where they had only seven seconds to answer a few questions. The questions ranged from how they can describe Dynamite, what was the last thing they cooked, what was the last thing that made them laugh, “Suga said they have not really had many laughable moments lately” to what they would be the first thing that they would do as soon as they get home. The one question that really stood out what the question of what they would like to do or achieve before the year comes to an end. The answers were as varied as each member’s personality. A few were expected from the different members, but V’s answer is what got us excited the most. It is what he has been saying all along that he would like to do and we sure hope that it comes to pass. Read on to find out what V really wants to do before 2020 comes to an end.

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