BTS’ “Butter” Maintains #1 Position On Billboard Hot 100 Chart For Its 7th Consecutive Week!

“7th Consecutive Week at #1! BTS’ “Butter” is officially on top of the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. “Butter” released on 21st May has been on a winning streak on the Hot 100. It debuted at #1 and has retained that spot for the seventh time in a row! Earning BTS 12 Billboard Hot 100 #1 records!

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BTS’ “Dynamite” Beats “Gangnam Style’s” 8 Year Record On The Billboard Hot 100 Chart History

BTS’ “Dynamite” spends a record-breaking 32 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, surpassing Psy’s “Gangnam Style” released in 2012 to officially become the longest charting song by a Korean act in history!

“Dynamite” debuted atop the Billboard Hot 100 having sold 300,000 units in its first week, including download, vinyl and cassette physical versions. It become BTS’ first number-one single in the US and their fourth top-10 entry.  “Dynamite” sold a 182,000 units in its second week, remaining atop the Hot 100 for a second week, “Dynamite” returned to the top spot on the Hot 100 Chart for a third non consecutive week at number-one.

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BTS’ ARMY Have Normalized Awarding the Members #1 on Billboard Hot 100, Will it Be Any Different for V’s Upcoming Birthday?

“BTS is ARMY, ARMY is BTS” Jungkook said. To say that ARMY are the most loyal, versatile, creative, kind and welcoming fandom would be an understatement. The ‘OG‘ ARMY that were there for BTS from the start (debut) are the ones who have kept the boys going filling them with lots of love and strength, positivity and warmth. Both old and new ARMY are involved in every aspect of BTS’s lives that if you want to know a single thing about BTS, just ask the question, and you will be told even the boys’ favorite joke!

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