HYBE MERCH Announced Their 3rd Sale For BTS’ “Artist-made Collection,” Fans Expressing Their Frustrations At The Glitches Of Buying The Merch Online

“On 28th January HYBE MERCH announced their 3rd sale of “BTS’ Artist made collection. All members Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook all had their merch sold out within minutes after being released on the Weverse shops in Japan, USA and global shops. Fans have been calling out HYBE to restock the items due to many not getting the chance to purchase at the speed the items were disappearing! Jin’s Pajama Set plus matching pillows, SUGA’s guitar pick plus black notebook, RM’s jogger pants plus wind chime, j-hope’s mini bag plus flower pot set, Jimin’s purple hoodie plus earrings, V’s bag plus brooches and Jung Kook’s mood lamp plus four artsy hoodies are back on sale, for a few seconds anyway…

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BTS Jin’s “Artist-Made Collection” Merchandise SOLD OUT On The GLOBAL, USA and JAPAN Shops Within Minutes Of Release!

“Jin’s merch which includes two sets of pajamas “Good Day” “Bad Day” as well as cozy pillows officially sold out within minutes of it being released for sale! The merch was sold out on Weverse Global, USA, or Japan Shops. It is no secret that BTS are the Kings Of Selling out items whenever they are spotted with them. Last year a T-shirt that Jin wore on a VLive was sold out as soon as the VLive was over! Within 7 minutes Jin’s merch were sold out in the Japan shop while it took only 25 minutes for the global shop to run out of the merch. The price tag for the set is  ₩119,000 KRW, around $100 which ARMY had complained at it being too high but lo and behold, minutes and the sets had vanished! The power that Jin holds!

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Artist-made Collection By BTS’ Jin Released, How To Get Your Hands On These Awesome Merch


“BTS Jin’s merch in the “Artist-made Collection By BTS” is now released and ready for purchase. “These angel and devil pajamas & pillow reflect Jin’s taste perfectly! Hope these items (and photocards & Making Log) bring a smile to ARMY every night! ” Here’s how to get these great merch perfectly designed and made for ARMY by Jin.

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