“ARMY SELCA DAY” is a monthly event tha occurs every first Tuesday of a new month. It is a day for BTS’ ARMY to be creative with their Selcas (Selfies) because they are taking them next to their favorite idol.

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BlackOutBTS (Black ARMY Selca Day) ft. BTS’ V

The #BlackOutBTS was created for those fans who may not feel confident enough to take a selfie but would do it next to their favourite idol. Good or bad, your selca is the best there is and will be and he loves you just the same!

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BlackOutBTS (Black ARMY Selca Day) ft. BTS’ Jin

What do you see when you look in the mirror? That tan skin? That dark skin? That light skin? That mixed skin? Your black is your beauty and crown. Strike a pose next to your favourite BTS idol and be confident in your #BlackOutBTS selca

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#BlackOutBTS (Black ARMY Selca Day) ft. BTS’ RM

“No matter who you are,your skin color… speak yourself” RM. He said you are beauful, represent the beauty that is within, dark, light, mixed, black is epitome of all things goodlooking.! #BlackOutBTS was created for you!

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#BlackOutBTS (Black ARMY Selca Day) ft. BTS’ Jimin

Every shade of black is beautiful, and that is why #BlackOutBTS exists, to give black ARMY the chace to celebrate their favourite BTS member. Skin color is relative, what is important is how do you love yoursf in the skin that you got?

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#BlackOutBTS (Black ARMY Selca Day) ft. BTS’ j-hope

Everyone has an individual beauty that shines through with a little confidence. #BlackOutBTS is a black ARMY selca day that seeks to bring out the beauty within. It matters not your skin color, yet appreciaring the one you are in is the most important thing. Nothing is better than posing with your BTS bias even if it is virtual.

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