Our Top 15 YouTuber Reactions On The Song “Buckubucku” by MFBTY ft. EE, BTS’ RM & Dino-J

“The song “Buckubucku” by MFBTY ft. EE, BTS’ RM & Dino-J just turned 7 years and to celebrate the anniversary, here are out top 15 YouTuber reactions to the song. They range from reactors from when the song was released, those who stubled upon it in their journey to learning about BTS. It is always good to see a song or BTS songs being appreciated by both veteran and new listeners.

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Dancers React to BTS Jimin’s Dancing Highlighting His Techniques Movements & Style

“Jimin is a unique, fluid, mesmerizing dancer. Watching Jimin dance is like reading a great love story that every scene keeps you on your feet and you want to move to the next chapter and the next and the next. He knows how to incorporate his emotions, dance moves and facial expressions to tell the narration of the dance. He is undeniably the best dancers in K-pop industry, very versatile, there seems to be no dance style that he cannot do, his beautiful enviable body lines while dancing are literally a subject of study. His executions are impeccable and intentional. Watching the BTS vocalist makes you wonder if he is real or you are watching an Angel move and float towards you. and his perfect execution of the choreography just makes you wonder if he’s real. I’m no expert so I will let the experts talks about Jimin’s dance

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BTS Tease & Praise Each Other In Their Reaction to Their Own “Permission to Dance” Music Video


BTS released their reaction video to their latest MV, “Permission to Dance” which was filmed before the Music video was released to the public. The members had several opinions and comments regarding the video, they were surprised at the intro part which they were not aware of. And as in true Bangtan style, they both praised and teased each other in various scenes. For instance the members teased but praised Jungkook for coming two hours earlier to film just one scene (in the laundromat) in the MV.

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