BTS Presents “Permission to Dance The City – Las Vegas” From Michelin Star Korean Food to BTS Remix Stages by Club Djs + More! Experiences Of A Lifetime

“BTS’ concerts in Las Vegas is turning out to be more than just the members performing, it will be an all round 360° experience for everyone attending the shows or just touring the city. When BTS’ label announced the 2022 international tour dates, fans did not expect that it would be an event of the magnitude that it is about to be. BTS is scheduled to hold four in-person concerts in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Allegiant Stadium.

Las Vegas has already been “borahaed” as there are activities and events that are totally BTS and ARMY centered. From the food, keepsakes, dj mixes in clubs, Las Vegas truly won’t be the same once the concerts starts.

In their latest video titled “Permission to Dance, the City Las Vegas” HYBE gives fans a sneak peak of what to expect in Las Vegas when one stays in one of the 11 BTS Themed hotels.

The aminated short clip shows a key holder with the words “Hotel Room 613” “613” is significant because it is the date and month/year that BTS debuted, June 2013. There is expected to be keepsakes or gift bags for guests!

We all know that BTS love food! In most of their shows, cue in RUN BTS, Bon Voyage, BTS In The Soop, the members are always cooking and sharing meals. And what better way to do that than to offer South Korean meals to fans and guests who will be attending the shows or just touring around the area?

The Mandalay Bay resort will be offering the dishes prepared specially by Michelin star chef Back Sung Ook

Appetizers include bibimguksu (spicy cold noodles), tteokbokki (spicy ricecakes), gimbap (cooked rice and ingredients wrapped in seaweed), modeum twigim (fried protein and vegetables), kimchi buchimgae (kimchi pancake), and beef cutlet sandwich.

Entrée options include kimchi bokkeumbap (kimchi fried rice), galbijjim (braised beef short ribs), jajangmyun (black bean noodles), Korean

dessert include ice cream sandwiches, bingsu (Korean shaved ice), and bungeoppang (stuffed fish-shaped pastry).

the jewel night club to host BTS remix stages from the best DJs in town

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