BTS’ j-hope Talks About His Worries During Quarantine, Assures ARMYs That He Is Doing Better & Looking Forward To Seeing Them Soon

“BTS’ j-hope has been in quarantine after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Due to his home care and treatment he was not able to fly with the rest of his members as they traveled to Las Vegas for their preparations for GRAMMY and 4 day concerts in US. On 29th March the BTS rapper took to Weverse to give an update of his health.

He spoke and assured fans that he was doing better and has been taking care of himself. He also revealed that he would be seeing the fans soon enough and could not wait to see them

translated by @minniyongs

Everyone you’ve worried right? I’m really okay! During my quarantine period I’ve been eating well – and sleeping well – so I’ve become better quickly, heh! heh!! I tested positive during a time where there’s various important things so I had a lot of concerns, but it was a situation that had already occured, so I think I just though ‘lets just take medicine and rest well! Let’s quickly recover my condition, so I can show a good side of me’ while spending time during my quarantine, above all it worried me that fans might worry a lot!..”

I’m sorry for greeting with the news only as of now, and my quarantine has ended! I’ll follow the following procedures well before joining you shortly!!! To our ARMYs too, during a time where everyday is different, please take good care of your health and don’t be sick!!! heart bbyong😜 😷” j-hope

We are happy to hear j-hope is doing well and looking forward to meeting his fans

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