Grammy nominated Rapper ‘Juicy J’ Liked a Fan Tweet About BTS Jimin’s Viral Tiktok Dance Video Featuring the Rapper’s Collab Song

“Jimin of BTS accidentally created a viral dance trend after their “Permission to Dance on Stage, Seoul Concert that ended on 13th March. In a viral clip on Twitter during one of their performances, Jimin can be seen dancing playfully as j-hope hypes him up but then becomes shy and starts laughing. Soon after the dance started trending on TikTok as both fans and non fans did the dance.

Fans have been putting Jimin’s dance with different background songs and one of the songs used in Jimin’s now iconic video is ‘Thinking With My D*ck‘ by “Kevin Gates” feat “Juicy J” becoming a trend on the platform.

Juicy J one of the artist’s featured on the track liked a fans post that had the song as background music andliles another post asking for a collab between the two. Jimin proves once again that he is social media’s beloved prince as anything he touches or does trends worldwide, I mean he trended with millions of Twitter Mentions even before their sound check started in one of the days of their concert!

Jimin’s famous clip on Twitter

The viral clip on tiktok

Juicy J also liked a tweet asking for a collab

And thats the Jimin effect!

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