BTS’ Jimin Causes A Song To Chart On The Billboard Hot 100, 9 Years Since It Was Released Because Of Him ‘Slapping Air’

“Permission to Dance on Stage, BTS Seoul concert had incredible moments but one that has had the biggest impact is a clip of Jimin doing a free style dance for their “Airplane pt.2” performance. The clip went viral on Twitter first drawing 1 million views in 24 hours and already surpassed 2.7 million views. The power that Jimin has!

A fan shared the clip and added Kevin Gates feat Juicy J’s song “Thinking with my D*ick” which became a viral trend and took a life of its own. Creators fans and TikTok influencers took up the dance, it became a fast hit going viral on the platform as well.

Becoming viral on TikTok has caused the song to chart on Billboard Hot 100 at #37 after 9 years since it was released.


The Jimin clip on TikTok

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