BTS’ Jung Kook Opened A Pandoras Box After Asking Fans To ‘Ask Anything’ On His Instagram, Overwatch? Netflix & Chill? Marry Me Yoongi? ARMYs Were Curious

“On Friday 18th March, BTS’ Jungkook held a Q&A session on his Instagram account asking fans, “What should I do right now?” He replied to several ARMYs who forwarded the messages. The questions ranged from a marriage proposal for BTS’ Suga, a boxing match with V, someone asked him about changing his hair color. Others included included, “Tell us why Jungkookie changed his ID!” go for ‘boxing with Taehyungie (V) hyung (brother)’, “Yoongi-yah (Suga), please marry me” “Jungkook, do your feet hurt? Because you’re racing through my heart” “Did it not hurt when you fell from the sky??” ‘think of ARMY’ and he said, “I do this all the time.” He was flirty and fans enjoyed some of the quirky and cheeky answers to the fans’ questions. Here’s Jung Kook’s anwers to ARMYs curious questions

“what would be nice for me to do right now” Jung Kook

👤 (fan) 🐰 (Jung Kook)

And so the questions poured in from fans. I am sure this was just a tip of the iceberge as it is likely that there were thousands of ARMY who sent in their questions.

👤 think of ARMYs

🐰 this is something i do all the time

👤 play games 🎮

🐰 someone who wants to play overwatch with me?

👤 to tell us why jungkookie changed his ID !

🐰 because its too long…

👤 go to a karaoke room 😎?

🐰 i want to go ㅜ

👤 i lo..lo.. like you

🐰 why cant you say ‘i love you’ !

👤 today i needed to poop really badly but im able to hold it in after seeing oppa, thank you

🐰 keke tekeke keketekeke

👤 lets have a boxing match with taehyungie hyung 💜

🐰 eheyy hes no match for me heh

👤 give me a dinner menu recommendation please ! 🍽

🐰 lamb skewers lets go

👤 play PUBG with me??? 😀

🐰 i cant play PUBG

👤 look in the mirror, itll be the most fun thing in the world

🐰 looking at you is more <fun>

👤 go on a walk

🐰 <im> lazy !!!

👤 oppa did you work out today ?

🐰 yesterday… so im tired right now

👤 hey jungkookie, youre not looking at my suggestions are you… its a joke 😂

🐰 doesnt seem like a joke

👤 answer me

🐰 yes/huh?…

👤 help me with my school homework kekeke

🐰 dont think ill be much help

👤 are you going to dye your hair ? im just curious.

🐰 i dont have any plans yet hehe

👤 binge watch ‘a business proposal’ !

🐰 ive already watched it all (aegyo)

👤 im sad because youre not replying <to me> 🥺

🐰 dont be sad

👤 how about bowling ?

🐰 omg thats nice?…

👤 ill go to the university that oppa says to go to, just say where.

🐰 you have to do what you want ! you find your own path ! heh

👤 jungkook lets choose banana milk or chicken

🐰 right now, banana

👤 laugh like youre going crazy kekekeke

🐰 kekekekektetekeketekeketekekekekektekekeketekekkekekekekekekekeketekeketekekekekekekekteke

👤 if you dont reply im going to shave your/my head

🐰 this right here is basically a threat

👤 i want to lose weight but i cant do anything about feeling hungry. hey jungkook, how do i endure feeling hungry

🐰 dont endure it / tuna mayo

[t/n 참지마요 means ‘dont endure it’, but 참치마요 is ‘tuna mayo’, hes doing a play on words ! ]

👤 jungkookie do your feet hurt ? because youre running in my heart

🐰 no wonder… <my feet> were throbbing a bit

👤 do you want to eat ramyeon with me? 🥹🥹🫶🏻

🐰 do you want to eat ramyeon <with me> before you leave ?

[t/n korean version of netflix and chill]

👤 ramyeon?! netflix and chill ..👀

🐰 these days its ‘do you want to come see my cat’… hehe

👤 you are the light in my dark world
🐰 you too heh

👤 yoongi-yah please marry me
🐰 hello im yoongi ?

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