BTS ARMYs Having a Collective Meltdown After Jung Kook Changes His Instagram Username

“BTS’ Jung Kook’s Instagram ID/username is now “jungkook.97“. When the BTS members opened their Instagram accounts, Jung Kook had the most unique username that got everyone talking and in awe at how his mind words. He put all the letters of the alphabet except “j and k” which were acronyms for his nickname “jk”. He ended up trending worldwide and even had brands like McDonald’s changing their Twitter name temporarily to the alphabet. On 16th March fans discovered that he was no longer going by that username but a different one. Fans have various reactions but most are already missing the old username.

The IMPACT Jung Kook’s alphabet username had on the internet, getting famous brands copying and praising him for his clever user.. yes, it will always be iconic

From this “abcdefghi_lmnopqrstuvwxyz” to “jungKook.97

ARMYs reactions

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