“JUNGKOOK MAKING HISTORY” Currently Trending With Over 70k Tweets As Fans Celebrate 1 Month Since “Stay Alive” Was Released With Its 250+ Incredible Records

“It has been one month since “Stay Alive was rekeased on 11th February 2021. It has made its mark on iTunes and Spotify within hours of being released. “JUNGKOOK MAKING HISTORY” is currently trendning together with “1MonthWithStayAlive. The record keep pouring in as Jung Kook is now the FASTEST k-pop male solo artist to spend 30 days on Spotify Global. Jungkook shortened and set a new record achieving in 31 days. Other records include, Highest peaking Asian soloist in Spotify Global, Biggest debut day & week on Spotify Global for an Asian soloist, Fastest solo song to ever reach 100 iTunes #1, Only Asian soloist to top 8 biggest music markets on release day among others.

SUGA who produced and wrote the song spoke about the song durung a VLive and said that Jungkook recorded the song once and it was perfect even though the chorus was so high!! He also said that Jungkook was overflowing with talent!! Within a month, “Stay Alive” has made a total of almost 250+ records worldwide. “JUNGKOOK MAKING HISTORY” trending in India at #25 with 44k tweets

Fans made donations to celebrate the achievement


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