BTS’ V Has Given Himself A New Nickname, Fans Can’t Get Over His New Look On Instagram + Jin Already Has A Request From The ‘President’

“V has posted a new update on his isntagram account that is breaking the internet. On 15th March V posted several photos of what looks like a photo shoot for an ad campaign in black and white and captioned it “Mr. President” and now fans are going Gaga! Over the new photos and “President Kim” is already trendning with over 20K Twitter Mentions. The post has already garnered 5+ million likes in just a few minutes.

Jin has commented on V’s post and he has a request from the president

V: “Mr. President

Jin: “President, please buy me just one item” (said cutely)

Fans are already speculationg that the members must be working on something as the locations of four of the members have been the same on different dates

Here’s ARMYs Reactions to “Mr. president” himself

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